Exclusive Access to CIC 2024 Livestream AND
Video Library Service

Early Registration Special: $20.00

Register today - EARLY REGISTRATION special - access to the 2024 CIC LIVESTREAM (when available) & Video library though December 31, 2024.

Early Registration available through 9/26/2024 or while supplies last.

Dear Friends:

The Catholic Identity Conference is once again available online. You can participate in real time via Livestream or watch the talks at your leisure with our online Video Service. I hope you will consider purchasing the videos for yourself, your family and your friends (perhaps even for Christmas). The proceeds will be used to help The Remnant and the Catholic Identity Conference “build back better” than ever.

Thank you for your support of this important piece of Catholic Action, which unites the clans of Holy Tradition beneath the banner of Christ the King. All is not lost, friends, God is in His heaven and the armies of Christendom are on the move. I hope you will join the movement so that we can all make this the very last stand for God, Country and Tradition.

In Christo Rege,

Michael Matt
Editor, The Remnant Newspaper